Maxime Gourdon b.1993 in Angers, France.

Based in Brussels

contact: gourdon.maxime(at)


Learning from the experience of various collaborative working frameworks, namely in cinema, performative lectures and exhibition-making contexts; my idea of the relation between curator and artist — while being still fresh and in constant expansion — has over time become increasingly flexible and open to speculation, since this exchange grows with the practice and experiences of each party.

I would now conceive it as an interface for discursive modes of collaboration, whether in the context of an exhibition or the making of a piece. Experiencing both, as cinematographer and curator, has opened up the possibility of a space for collaboration as well as a questioning of the matter itself from the very start of a project. Curating as attitudes of working with, if not reforming the idea of work itself.

This process relies on a necessary combination of roles, gathering knowledge, cross reading and transposing points of views. Untying the power-relation in the artist-curator duo and as such, bringing out a fluid shape and solid basis of common understanding of the project, integrates a continuous thread of discussion and questioning. I would argue for a hybrid form of interfaces, prospective “leisure-meets-work-becoming-art” contexts, theoretical and practical exchanges on various grounds as fertile parentheses.



2018-2020 MA Art Praxis, Dutch Art Institute - Arnhem, Netherlands.

Master's thesis : « Strabism, double vision, queering visual culture », Advised by Rachel O’Reilly.


2017-2018 Postgraduate in Curatorial Studies - KASK, Gent, Belgium.


2016-2017 Master of Fine Arts - Media Arts, KASK, Gent, Belgium.
Master’s Thesis : “On contemporary Social practices”, Advised by Helena de Preester and Jasper Rigole.
Graduated with distinction.


2013-2016 Masters Degree in Cinema, École Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, Paris, France.
Master’s Thesis : “Artists’ Film, at the crossroads between Cinema and Contemporary Art”,
Advised by Giusy Pisano and Philippe-Alain Michaud,
Graduated with first class honours.


2015-2017 Erasmus semester in Cinematography, Portuguese National Filmschool, Lisbon, Portugal.


2011-2013 Preparatory Courses to Cinema schools, Cinesup, Nantes, France.



2019  QAYYEM Curatorial Research Fellow, Amman, JO / Tangier, MA / Alexandria, EG (9 months)

2019  Guest Lecturer and External Jury Member - Bachelor in Arts, ERG, Brussels, Belgium.

2018  Video documentation for La Loge, Brussels, Belgium.

2017  Curatorial and communications intern,La Loge, Brussels, Belgium.

2017  Documentation and editorial, Festival Résonances, LaVallée, Brussels, Belgium.

2017  Assistant to Edith Dekyndt studio for the Belgian Art Prize, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium.

2017  Filmmaker for the video archive program, INHA (National Institute of Art History), Paris, France.

2016  Feedback sessions member — Working Title Festival 2016, Brussels, Belgium.

2016  16mm Workshop, Arne Hector, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016  Filmmaker for the video archive program, INHA (National Institute of Art History), Paris, France.


Curated exhibitions

2018 Co-curator, Somewhere In Between, part of Curatorial Studies at KASK, Bozar, Brussels

2018 Co-Curator, State Of Statelessness, ISELP, Brussels

2018 Co Curator, Why Work, Performative Lecture part of Rites Of Exchange, ISELP, Brussels, 12/05

2018 Curator, 空, Putsch Galerie, Brussels


Featured in Exhibitions / Screenings

2020 9th Bucharest Biennale : Farewell To Research, handfuls thrown into air and scattered over earth

2019 أحطمنا من جديد لكي أحملنا إلى مكان آخر — I’m breaking us apart again so that I might carry us somewhere else, Alexandria, EG

2019 Dutch Art Institute COOP Summit 2019, Cagliari, IT

2018 In Between The Lines, Kunstenbibliotheek, Gent, BE

2017 KASK Graduation Show, Kunsttoren, Gent.

2017 Try-outs, Zwarte Zaal, Curated by Hadassah Emmerich, Gent, BE

2017 The New What Now, Miryzaal Gent, Belgium and De Singel Antwerp, BE

2017 We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful, Zwarte Zaal,Curated by Anne-Françoise Lesuisse, Gent, BE

2016 Graduation Show — Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière, Paris, FR

2016 Festival Résonances — LaVallée, Brussels, BE


Residencies / Study Programmes

2019 QAYYEM : Programme in Curatorial Research over a period of six months
MMAG Foundation Amman (JO), MASS Alexandria (EG), Atelier Kissaria (MA)


2019 BOCTO, Versegeres, CH


2015 DOX : ACADEMY HYBRID fellow at CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, DK


Commissioned works

2019 Cinematographer for Caresse, short film, dir. Willy Orr.

2018 Cinematography and video effects for Constance Proux Unhappy Is The Land project, 10 HD video installation.

2017 Color grading for Red Feelings, Dir. Léo Hoffsaes & Loto Retina — Hélicotronc studio, Brussels, Belgium.

2017 Cinematographer for Les Ruches, documentary film, dir. Willy Orr.

2017 Color grading of Hamsters, 75’ feature film, dir. Martine Doyen — Hélicotronc studio, Brussels, Belgium.

2016 Cinematographer for the Interview of Jean Marc Poinsot, headed by Elitza Dulguerova. 4h30’ interview, INHA (National Institute of Art History), Paris, France.

2016 through June 2017 - Filmmaker for the video archive program, at INHA (National Institute of Art History), Paris, France.

2015 Film collaboration with LABEX H2H research team, on sono-tactile listening and vibrating surfaces. Artistic research project at Centre Pompidou Metz, headed by contemporary music composer Pascale Criton and Laboratoire d'Acoustique Musicale, Paris.