14.07.19 - 21.07.19 - Bocto, Versegères

‘Farinet, Itinéraire Valaisan (Farinet, a Wallisian journey)’

Filmed in collaboration with Juliette Le Monnyer, in the context of Bocto residency, in Versegères, Switzerland.




Farinet, Itinéraire Valaisan has been developed in the context of the Bocto residency in Versegères (CH), taking place in the Valais County. In collaboration with filmmaker Juliette Le Monnyer, this film traces back Joseph-Samuel Farinet's legacy in the Valais region. Farinet has been a popular figure in the late 19th century in the area, emigrating from Aosta Valley, he settled down in Martigny, Sion and Bagnes and started a large scale production of fake coins. From 1870 and over ten years, 15 million 20 cents Swiss Francs have been produced with a very precise method, and recognizable features, while being very close to the genuine 20 cent coin. In his time, Farinet has been protected by locals populations and authorities, for such counterfeited money production benefited local economy.


From then on, Farinet kept being a local legend, often seen as a Swiss Robin Hood stealing from the rich and sharing with the poor. Nevertheless, it might be worthwhile to grasp the full picture : Farinet started his enterprise in the midst of a financial turmoil in Valais — the Regional bank went bankrupt shortly before and the entire population showed distrust towards the shift to paper-money. It also worth mentioning the double sided character of Farinet : acting on one hand as a social bandit for the benefit of the local community, and on the other hand serving his own interests, embodying a libertarian philosophy, enabling neoliberal entrepreneurship in farmers regions.






In addition to the film, fake local money has been produced with the help of artist Babou Sanchez. 300 fake lino printed Boctinet have been issued for the public event, sold at the exchange rate of 1 CHF = 13 Boctinets and accepted in partner spaces.


Public screening of Farinet, Itinéraire Valaisan, on Saturday, July 20th at La Colombe Café in Versegères, CH.