20.06.18 - 19.08.18 - BOZAR, Brussels

‘Somewhere In Between’

Curator of "Getting A Picture", film programme.

part of Transborder Networks co-curated with Curatorial Studies, KASK.



Film programme :

Lisa Rave, Europium, 2014, 20’, HD video – Germany

Ana Vaz, Occidente, 2015, 15’, 16mm HD transfer – Brazil / France

Tinne Zenner, Nutsigassat, 2018, 20’, 16mm HD transfer – Denmark

John Smith, Song for Europe, 2017, 3’50”, Mobile Phone Video – UK

Juliette Le Monnyer, On a vu Stromboli, 2017, 15', HD video – France

Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Nou Voix, 2018, 15', HD video – France



Getting A Picture is a film programme that focuses on the frictions between cinema and the visual arts, in order to map, cinematically, contemporary situations for artists and filmmakers in 'Europe' (broadly defined). Cultural history, geography, migrations and contemporary politics feed documentary-based projects and narratives for artists' films. Getting A Picture offers to shed light on these dynamics at work in a trans-border contemporary artists’ film scene, and to position film as a critical means of distribution for contemporary art in Europe.