performative lecture

‘If I Could Only See How I Look When I See’

Performed 28.06.19 - ExManifattura Tabacchi, Cagliari


Written and performed by Clara Amaral and Maxime Gourdon





If I could only see how I look when I see but the sight while it sees
is also that through which I see, and that lets me see you.





      My eyes, my eyes, my eyes




If I could only see how I look when I see is a performance/sonic reading that takes place in a dark room, it has been performed in the ExManifattura Tabacchi Complex, Cagliari on June, 28th, 2019.


In that room, the audience is invited to attend a series of propositions that focus on the eyes and sight. This performance is an attempt to locate oneself in space, enabling several modes of looking that unbind sight and vision. Drawing on the durational experience of the Camera Obscura, If I could only see how I look when I see is a script for exploring diverse phenomena and experiences in a dark environment. Taking the body in the room as the active observer for the camera, it enables an analogy with the mind and the body when the eyes are closed. It enables a sensitivity to the physiological responses of the body within a dark environment.






allow your eyes to softly fall on something,

don’t stare into anything

just let your eyes be




as if you would be having lazy eyes

eyes that don’t really wanna see

but at the same time see

and at the same time think :






it is so much work to see