august 2020


Webdesign for Dutch Art Institute graduation project within the frame of COOP Course : Curating Positions




25.08.20 - Radio Kootwijk, Apeldoorn, NL

25.04.20 - Online Reading

Sonic Reading

‘A practice of listening, seeing, writing, reading, for and from a place’
later renamed as :
"A continuous present, beginning again and again, with tenses such as past and future"






30.11.19 - Grote Kerke, Epen, NL


Performative Lecture

‘How is it that you are how you are when you tell yourself out’

With the help of Marc Norbert Hörler and Lea Rüegg

Online Reading version for 9th Bucharest Biennale





19.10.19 - MASS Alexandria, Alexandria, EG


‘لو أنني فقط رأيت كيف أنظر حين أرى’

Performed with Noor Abed.





14.07.19 - 21.07.19 - Bocto, Versegères, CH


‘Farinet, Itinéraire Valaisan (Farinet, a Wallisian journey)’

In collaboration with Juliette Le Monnyer.





28.06.19 - Manifattura Tabacchi, Cagliari, IT


‘If I could only see how I look when I see’

Written and Performed in collaboration with Clara Amaral.





18.05.19 - Silent Green, Berlin, DE

Performative Lecture

‘Gestures of hands business’






19.05.19 - Silent Green, Berlin, DE

Sonic Reading

‘Places where you are not breathing in’






09.03.19 - Anhalt Building, Dessau, DE

Performative Lecture

‘How have you been taught to look’






20.06.18 - 19.08.18 - BOZAR, Brussels, BE


‘Somewhere In Between’

Curator of "Getting A Picture", film programme.

part of Transborder Networks co-curated with Curatorial Studies, KASK.




12.05.18 - 07.07.18 - ISELP, Brussels, BE


‘State Of Statelessness’

Co-curated with Romuald Demidemko, Alicja Melzacka, Hilde Borgermans.





11.05.18 - ISELP, Brussels, BE


‘Why Work ?’ — Performance

Co-curated with Alicja Melzacka, performed by Lisa Wilkens.





30.04.18 - 7.05.18 — Putsch Galerie, Brussels, BE


’ - 'Sora/Kara'

Group show : Maud Gourdon, Juliette Le Monnyer, Sophie Nys, Gen Ueda.